Challenging the Fears in “You”

Challenge the fears in you!

Challenge the Fear of Failure

Challenge the Fear of Gastalt Moments

Challenge the Fear of Rejections

Challenge the Fear of Cultural Narcissism

Challenge the Fear of Emotional Narcissism

Challenge the Fear of Undo past

Challenge the Fear of Crushed Present

Challenge the Gloomy Future

Challenge the Fear of Indifferent treatment

Challenge the Fears of Emotional Manipulations

Challenge the Fears of Personal Finacial Bankruptcy

Challenge the Fears of Drowning in the Fear’s

~ Being Psyaint

Are you Echoing!?

“The Directionless inner fight”

“When we shout for help in the room of darkness without a direction; it’s just a “venting echo”. echoing in dark without a proper direction, would make us more vulnerable to pain and helpless to situations. Let’s seek help, Let’s see the direction to comeout.

~ Being Psyaint

“I feel, Its ok to feel sometimes – not O.K”

~ The Inner world

“Yeah.! Its ok to feel sometimes, not ok”

I Lost in the moment

I Need peace with the present

I am Overwhelmed with thousands of thoughts!

Focus is shifting.!

Need some life force.!

Need some strength in the heart.!

Need some motivation to move forward.!

Its been a constant struggle time immemorial.!

Now I know, Now I Know.!

Now I am aware!

Now I see the pattern!

The pattern which I can fix.!

Lets Write.. Lets Share… Lets make everyday matters..Lets make everyone matters…Stay heard!!!!

Happie World Mental Health Day

Being Psyaint

The journey begins..!

It’s all started as Formless; weightless yet Purposeful form of life.

Molecular to a Biological form, with zero conscious awareness of self.. Yet a Purposeful Life..! Yet building Unconscious.!!

It’s continued and it was The safest place in the world, I was in, and I always wanted to be in (in past)… and to get protected by this invisible shield of Love..!

Finally, in 1988; I’m ready to come to the world of confusions, turmoil and yet a ray of hope…!

Dear Mom & Dad thank you for bringing me into this world of Consciousness & Self-awareness (unconscious)


I am an open minded, empathetic and creative person. I use unique ways of teaching that can impart so much of practical knowledge to young minds. I use person centered teaching approach, I.e., I modify my teaching approach to suit the requirements of each and every student. I help children in working on their personality by nourishing their curiosity, creativity and learning ability. I help them in empowering themselves. I do not believe in techniques such as punishments and rewards that create competition and keeps children in rat race. Instead, I empower students by working on their subjective mental blocks that hinder their progress. I nourish children by allowing them to work on their cognitive abilities, soft skills, financial management skills, social skills, personality development skills and spiritual skills.